Huay Xai Travel Guide

If you are looking for where to travel in and around Huay Xai and northern Lao then let us at Laos Tours Smile help you!

Here at Laos Tours Smile we can provide you with everything you need to know about activities in and around Huay Xai. Huay Xai is a small town but has lots of interesting things to do: you can visit the morning market; visit a local hill tribe (land ten) to learn their culture (for example, weaving and dying clothes); or maybe go to the whisky village (Lao kao) where they produce and sell their own special whisky, Lao Hay, that they shake in a jar; then go a noodle shop and learn how to cook traditional local food.

1. Huay Xai city tours

In the morning my team will pick you up at your hotel at 8 am and take you to the morning market in Huay Xai where the local people trade clothes, traditional fresh food, jewellery and other hand-crafted gifts.

2. Huay Xai outdoor adventure tours

In the morning my team will pick you up at your hotel at 8 am to visit the main morning market, here you buy something for your lunch, then we will take you to the North of Laos.
Slow boat trip from Huay Xai to Luang Prabang
Two day trip downstream along the Mekong river to Luang Prabang. Starting at the small town of Huay Xai at the slow boat pier, you will depart at 11-12am for Luang Prabang, staying one night in Pakbeng after the first day of travel.

During the high season (November – March), there may be a delay for the slow boat, however, there are plenty of local restaurants and shops to enjoy whilst you wait. Alternatively, you can order lunch on the slow boat, however, this is not included in your ticket price.

Things to do in Huay Xai:

Dream bakery
A local bakery in the town centre selling delicious cakes, ice creams and sandwiches.
Traditional Lao Massage
Enjoy a traditional Lao oil massage for a couple hours. Relax and unwind for just 50,000 kip/ hour. Located in town centre.

Huay Xai Morning Market
An easy one kilometer stroll from the town centre. This market starts at 4am and finishes at around 10am.
This market sells fresh food and locally grown vegetables as well as fashionable clothes and accessories.

Huay Xai evenning market in slow boat pier

This small evening market call Seagmany market is located in Huay Xai near slow boat pier just walk couple minutes, about 300 meters

Here is fresh and cloths market for the local people here such as fruit, desserts, cooked food, sticky rice, noodle, bamboo shoot, mushroom, pork sausage, meat cost 30,000 kip/ kilogram, Nin fish cost 20,000 kip/kilogram, meat and fish on the grill.


Sydonemy Market 

This is also evening market is located next to Phetaloun bus station

Cloths and fresh market, this is famous market for the local people here,

Huay Xai night market

Enjoy an evening at Huay Xai Night Market where you will relax and have a taste of our local culture
Huay Xai Night Market is deservedly one of place not to be missed a small market here located in Mexaisavong road. In the evening just walk down the street to the town for about 5 minutes. They open every day at 5-10 pm.
You can eat a wide variety of food. Try the street food here, the food range from grilled chicken, beef and chicken feet to Pad Lao and delicious crepes with various fillings. Fried noodle with pork and some vegetables and they have sticky rice. For the drinks such as ice coffee, coconut and fruit smoothies are also abundant.
Huay Xai Night Market.
While small, the market has an abundance of charm. The store owners are friendly and welcoming. They are very quick to smile. The market is a lovely way to spend your evening. You will really enjoy trying Pad Lao for the first time. It’s a must for anyone visiting Laos.
Good view to overlooking the Mekong River and Thailand on the other side.
Fitness in Huay Xai
This fitness in Huay Xai near the town you can walk to there to Wang view
They charge 10,000 kip on weekend day and on working day charge 20,000 kip
Karaoke and plube
Huay Xai Hospital
This hospital just near the town, this hospital is small, they also have car and minivan for transfer
Wat Chom Kao temple in Huay Xai
Main temple in Huay Xai just near old ferry in the town

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