Cross Lao -Thai friendship bridge NO 4

How to cross from Lao (Huay Xai immigration) to Thai (Chiang Khong immigration)

When you get to Lao border, you can exchange money one bank over there this bank open 8: 30 am – 3: 30 pm, accept on Sunday they open haft day. after that turn right to go to check out you have to complete you departure card, you have to pay fees for overtime stamp working time at 8 am-4 pm, they charge 6-8 am and 4-10 pm, 1 US$ ,40 Baht, 10, 000 kip.

then you will pay for the shuttle bus to cross to 1 US$, 25 Baht 7,000 Kip, but the shuttle bus doesn’t go offend, they need more people you will wait about 15-30 minutes to cross, if someone have bike cycle they doesn’t accept you to ride by yourself, you have to put your bike on the bus, they charge 100 Baht or 25,000 Kip, contact  call +85620 5575 5460, +5630 5098288
When you cross to Thai just complete your form and check in, if someone would like to get visa, you can get a visa on arrival, you can take photos for visa at the border
On the Thai side after check in there is information, one bank, ATM and TukTuk ticket service they can help you call: 0984349555, +85620 5671 9955.
Songthaew available at Thai border, just 65 baht each to the town.

The passport must be more than 6 months before the entry.
Both country Laos and Thailand not accept the Passport with a validity less than 6 months
in Huay Xai at Lao immigration.

How to cross from Thai border to Lao border

When you arrival before check in you can exchange and one ATM
Then complete your form before check in, after the buy ticket for shuttle bus, the wait for more people, It’s take about 5 minutes to cross to Lao side,
On the Laos side check in and visa on arrival
Visa on arrival you will get form and have to complete the form one arrival card and another one is visa form, with one photo, when they check your passport have to pay for visa fee, wait for the visa, it take about 20 – 30 minutes depend in season
The cost for visa about 30-35 USD depend on the country, please pay in USD, if you pay another money they charge you more than 30 USD, if do you like to get USD you can exchange next door at the bank
On weekend day charge extra 1 USD
After you get passport you can check by yourself for the stamp, then hold your passport though border one more time the police will check (double check)
Then you are Laos.
TukTuk service at the border, 10 kilometer from the border to town cost about 25,000 kip and to bus station about 15,000 kip each, contact call +8562099639102, +85620 55166982
Minivan available at the border cost 20 USD to the slow boat pier


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