Lao -Thai friendship bridge NO 4

How to cross from Lao border to Thai border

When you get to Lao border,  you can exchang money one bank overthere  this bank open 8: 30 am – 3: 30pm, accet on Sunday they open haft day. after that turnlingt to go to check out you have to conplete you depature card, you have to pay fees for overtime stamp working time at 8 am-4 pm, they charge 6-8am and 4-10pm, 1US$ ,40 Baht, 10, 000 kip. then you will pay for the shuttle bus to cross to 1US$, 25 Baht 7,000 Kip, but the shuttele bus doesn’t go offen , they need more people you will wait about 15-30 minutes to cross, if someone have bikecycle they doesn’t acetp you to ride by yourself, you have to put your bike on the bus , they charge 100 Baht or 25,000 Kip

How to cross from Thai border to Lao border

Visa  on arivere on Lao side

How to cross by your bike

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