Lao food

Lao food is traditionally eaten on a low table.

A meal usually has a meat dish, a vegetable dish, a soup and sticky rice. Meats and fish are usually grilled or steamed.
Many kinds of wild animals are also eaten. Common ingredients include galangal, lime juice, lemongrass, kafir lime, basil, coriander, garlic, ginger, ginger, mint and dill. “badaek” is a sauce made from fermented fish. Dipping sauces are usually made from a chili paste. A bamboo basket in used for steaming sticky rice. Charcoal braziers are used for grilling meat and fish. A mortar and pestle is used to pound food such as papaya salad. Sticky ice kept and served in small baskets. Spoons are used only for eating plain rice and soups. Sticky rice is eaten with the hands. A small ball is made and then is used to dip and grab food. Sticky rice is soaked before it is cooked. Then, it is steamed a bamboo steamer called a “huat”. Noodle soups pho and kao soi are common noodle dishes. Kao soi is made with a sauce of fermented soy beans, chili and pork. Pho is eaten with mint, watercress and other herbs.
Laap is made from minced meat, fish poultry. Trditionally, raw meat was used, but is more common now to use cooked mea. Lt is fiavoured with lemongrass, mint and other herbs. lt is a dish brings good luck. People enjoy eating it, especially on lao new years. Sai ua is a sausage made from pork and herbs. Some types can be spicy. Lt is delicious with sticky rice. Bamboo shoot soup with fermented fish this soup is made with bamboo shoots, pumpkin, chilies, sawtooth and other herbs. The base is made from fermented fish and thickened with soaked sticky rice. Spicy papaya salad this famous dish is made from green papaya. The papaya is shredded and pounded with chilies, garlic, tomatoes and herbs. You can choose how spicy you want it to be. Stuffed bamboo shoots large boiled bamboo shoots are stuffed with minced pork or tofu. Lt uses garlic, chili, lemongrass and green onions. Yam salad is made from local watercress or “phak nam”. The salad is similar to a western salad, but the dressing is unique. Lt is made from lime juice, egg and ground peanuts. Jaow bong is a chili sauce made from crushed dried chilies, garlic and buffalo skin. This is a special food of Luang Prabang. Or laam is a local dish of Luang Prabang. Lt is a stew made with fish sauce.
Khai paen is a plant from the Mekong river. Lt is similar to seaweed. Lt is dried into thin sheets and then deep-fried. Lt is similar to Japanese seaweed and is called Mekong river weed or river moss. Baguettes are French style bread called “kao ji” in lao. They are baked fresh every morning and are excellent for sandwiches. The sandwiches are sold at the night market. Tou can choose what to put inside. Lao Arabica coffee is famous throughout the world. The climate on the Bolaven plateau is ideal for growing coffee. Lt has the right temperature, humidity and sunlight. Shade from the trees also help to create perfect conditions. The coffee grown here is known for its high quality. Lt is brewed with a cloth filter and is quite strong. Lt is usually drunk with sweetened condensed milk and with tea as a chaser. Lao Lao is made from sticky rice and is very strong. Lao hai is a different kind of liquor. Lt is sweeter than Lao lao and is drunk directly from a clay pot with bamboo straws. Cooking classes the three elephants cafe/tamnak lao restaurant offers cooking classes. Lt is located across from the villa santi. Up to eight people can join the class. lt is taught by two local chefs and an Australian. You begin by going to the local market.

You will cook and eat two full meals. They also offer a small homemade cookbook.

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