Pakbeng Travel Guide

Spend an overnight in Pakbeng in northern Laos

Small town half way from Huay Xai to Luang Prabang call Pakbeng, where the tourist sleep here, there are one main road walking street, there are serve a hotel and many guesthouse, restaurant, only one bar in the town
When do you arrival in Pakbeng guys and boys would like to carry your bag to your hotel, they charge 10,000 kip/ bag
When you arrive at the Pakbeng pier there was guys advertising rooms at the pier, you can follow them to have a look the room

The cost for accommodation in Pakbeng

start from 50,000 kip to 130,000 kip per night
The hotels and resorts cost US$30 –US$130 per night
In the evening you can visit the local market, here more people come to buy fresh food for cook
Then you can walk to Wat Jam Jeng for have a look sun set over there Mekong River there, on the way back many restaurant where you can take a rest chill to drink a beer and order for your dinner
Restaurant in Pakbeng just on the main road, the menu was similar, there also Lao food and Indian food, would recommend Lao food, the main food for the local people here call fish Laap and fish soup

Two ATMs in Pakbeng

Two banks the first one near the market and two ATMs at market
Blue bank belong to Lao development bank, here maximum 1,000,000 kip, fee charge 20,000 kip per time,
Another one red ATM, here maximum 1,500,000 kip, fee charge 20,000 kip per time,

Bus from Pakbeng to Oudomxay

Pakbeng bus station just near the town about 2 kilometers, take the bus to go to Oudomxay province, by small road about 140 kilometers. It take about 4 hours, the road is winding, the bus start two time, find a TukTuk to go to the bus cost about 15,000 kip, the area most people is local people, someone bus sick
The bus departure every day at 9 am and at noon 12:30, the cost 40,000 kip each, the bus will drop you at the new bus station, outside of the town and another bus station, you have to take a Tuk Tuk to there

If do you want to go to Luang Prabang or Vientiane, you have to take another bus from Oudomxay,
The bus from Pakbeng to Thailand border(Nan province) Lao side call Muang Ngeun at 9 am, it’s take about 1:30 hours, the cost would be 50,000 kip each.

Bus from Oudomxay to Pakbeng

Southern Bus Station 5 km from the town) Tel: 081 312200
From Oudomsay to Pakbeng at 8:30 am, the cost 40,000 kip per person, by minivan
From Oudomsay to Meung Ngern (passing Pakbeng) at 12 noon, the cost 80,000 kip per person, by minivan
From Oudomsay to Meung Hongsa (passing Pakbeng) at 12:30 noon, the cost 110,000 kip per person, by minivan
From Oudomsay to Xayabury (passing Pakbeng) at 15 pm, the cost 130,000 kip per person, by minivan
From Oudomsay to Phongsaly at 9 am, it’s take about 9 hours, the cost 75,000 kip per person, by minivan
From Oudomsay to Luangnamtha there are 3 time at 8:30 am, at 11:30 am and 15:30 pm it’s take about 3 hours, the cost 40,000 kip per person, by minivan

The boat trip takes 2 days, the second day stop to visit hill tripe village and caves, we have 2 lunches, tea, coffee, fruits, we have transfer from your hotel and drop of at your hotel in Luang Prabang